Been a while..

I completely screwed this up! I originally created this blog to keep a journal while my husband was deployed.. I stopped writing in it before he deployed and honestly it's been almost a year since I've written in this.. I'm pretty upset with myself. I should've committed myself to this.. but I chose not to.

On the bright side! My husband will be leaving for a year in May and I WILL journal in here while he is gone.. I want this to be something I can go back and read in the future.. 

For now I will try to update the most recent events.. My husband got me breast implants ((I have wanted them for a few years now)) and I have never had this much confidence in my life! I finally feel cute in clothes and tops finally fit me the way they should.. It's amazing! No more padded bras for me haha! What else? My 26th birthday is tomorrow.. how strange - four years from 30.. Time really does fly by - makes you wonder what will happen in the future!

Mikky is three years old now! She is such a little beauty.. we get compliments on her all the time - she definitely looks like her daddy! I dreamed she would look like him and I'm so happy she does.. she has such beautiful features - she is such a girly girl too! I love it! She loves makeup and she loves having her nails painted.. She loves dolls and clothes! She loves having her hair done too lol. She is such a little lady.. super polite and such a little talker! She makes friends wherever she goes.. I am so blessed with my family. ^_^

Have a lovely day everyone!