Ear infection..

So Mikky got her first ear infection.. I feel so bad for her. I am lucky that she didn't get her first one until she was two and a half years old ((it's true what they say about breastfeeding! It really does help prevent ear infections!)) - I recognized the signs from what other mothers have told me.. Fussiness ((I'm an adult and even I'd tear up because of an ear infection)), sleepiness, and messing with the bothered ear.. I feel so bad for her.. But we got her some antibiotics and ear drops. The infection was so bad that her ear drum ruptured! That scared me because I assumed that meant she would lose some or most of her hearing. Apparently someone has been feeding me the wrong information lol! It's just like any wound - it will heal and have little, if any, scarring. I can deal with that! But then my next questions was "oh my gosh does that mean she has had it for longer than I thought!?" And the pediatrician ((Dr. Christie)) said "no! Not at all! Don't feel bad - it just means that the pressure was so full in her ear that the pressure kind of 'burst' so to speak." That made me feel better. It started the night before last - Mikky woke up in the middle of the night screaming and crying! And I knew something was wrong because she never wakes up in the middle of the night unless something is really bothering her.. so I went and had her come to my bed to cuddle for a little while.. then yesterday after her nap - she woke up screaming again and that's when I saw her touching and rubbing her ear.. So I got her an appointment for 7:15 am and now we have everything we need to get her all cleared up!

Aww this commercial absolutely gets me every time I see it! I had to share it with everybody..

Is there anything you would recommend for help the pain with an ear infection? I have been alternating between Motrin and Tylenol and that has been working great! I only give one to her a day following the directions carefully, of course. My friend recommended a concoction of Apple Cider vinegar and Olive Oil and putting it in her ear but to be honest, it freaks me out a little bit! Sorry, Rebecca! Haha! Anyway Happy Friday, everyone!

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