One week left

Beautiful weather in Delaware.
Until March. I am amazed at how the weather has been, lately. I think it's only snowed twice this year? Lovely! I think it's clear from my last statement that I am not a huge fan of snow.. actually I hate it.. haha. Here is a little preview from my backyard.. it's a cell phone picture - so please excuse the poor quality!

I am seriously considering quitting my job. Although I enjoy the people I work with - my husband is deploying soon and I'd rather be at home with my daughter than having her at a babysitters so frequently. I am not saying it's bad to have a babysitter but since she is only two - I would like her to have me around while my husband is gone for 6-7 months. She is going to be so confused and upset to not have her daddy around that the only person to be around ((me)) will be at work.. Does anybody have any suggestions? I am at a loss. Unless my job can work with me and give me a smaller workload but I have a feeling they will say no.

Colin is in Colorado for two weeks visiting his family and friends. I said yes because he is deploying soon and although I am not very comfortable about it ((non-stop partying)) I guess he deserves to party a little before he leaves.

So Titanic 3D is coming out to theaters for a limited time! I am pretty excited.. considering I was 10 years old when it came to theaters the first time! I am assuming it's for the 15th year anniversary! I have loved the movie since the first time I saw it!

Mikky is in the process of potty training and she seems to be doing really well! She was nervous of the potty at first ((I bought the one that sits on top of the larger toilet)) and she cried a little but after a minute or two she adjusted and thought it was kind of fun lol. She's speaking so well now and talks so much! She tends to point to stuff ((for me)) and for everybody else she will talk and say whatever she needs or wants. She is a parrot and constantly mimicking everything people say. She is obsessed with baby dolls and loves feeding them and giving them drinks. She will push them around in a stroller and my favorite thing she does is hold them to her chest, pat their backs, kiss their foreheads, and say "shh.. shh.." she is such a cute little mommy.. Her favorite dolls are the plush ones with the plastic heads - she has Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Ariel. So cute! I bought her Snow White for her second birthday and my mom bought her the other three for Christmas!

Anyway I think that about sums up my day. I am so thrilled that is' so beautiful outside and my house is nice and clean!

P.S. I have to have these tights:

Adorable argyle tights!

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