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I received a pay raise today! Pretty exciting.. I work at a bank so the pay was nice to begin with but the pay raises are always welcome! I've decided to write a little entry about myself considering I don't know anybody on here and it's impossible for people to get to know me if I don't write anything about myself.

-My name is Kayla ((obviously..)).
-I'm 25 years old and I'm a Capricorn.
-I am married to a man in the military ((Air Force)) and I grew up in the military lifestyle. My entire family ((including in-laws)) are in the military ((also Air Force)). My dad retired as a Chief ((E9)) after serving 30 years. He loved it and misses it tremendously. It's a hectic lifestyle but I couldn't imagine my life any other way!
-I met my husband in high school and we were best friends!
-I work at a bank.
-I have an obsession/addiction to Gone With the Wind ((hence my blog title))! If it were up to me my name would have been Katie Scarlett O'Hara!
-I am a photographer.
-I hate math.. but I work at a bank? Ironic, isn't it?
-I have a very girly style but I love rock music ((even a little metal, at times)).
-I have extremely dry humor and even the lamest joke will get me laughing until I cry!
-I am proud to admit - if you screw me over - I have no problem forgetting you. I am not the type who will crawl back begging your forgiveness if you're the one who did me wrong.
-On the other hand, I am extremely forgiving and always have room in my heart for an old friend.
-I will admit when I am wrong even though it hurts my pride.
-I am a major history buff and can talk about history all day if I can find somebody who is just as interested ((although not many people are)).
-Medieval/Renaissance history is my favorite.. Tudor history, in particular. No, not because of The Tudors.. I just had a really great history teacher in sixth grade named Mrs. Frein. Because of her - my fascination with Tudor history blossomed and I will research it whenever I want to learn more.
-I think Facebook is stupid and I hate it with a passion. However, I have an unhealthy addiction to it. Ugh who doesn't though?
-I am completely addicted to Diet Coke.
-I have a huge heart and enjoy shopping for other people.
-I have an identical twin sister. We grew up fighting and arguing EVERY day of our lives until she moved out and got married. Now distance can't separate us and we are closer than ever.
-I grew up in Europe - particularly Germany. It is my home although I am not German.
-I have a younger brother who will be graduating high school this year with honors. I also have a younger sister who is turning 15 ((huge age gap, I know haha)) who is possibly the prettiest person I know with a 4.7 GPA. Beauty and brains is no myth!
-I have a long-haired Chihuahua named Jack Daniels haha he is a momma's boy! His birthday is October 25th and my daughter's is October 27th haha.
-I have a fun-loving personality and can not go a day being serious. I am constantly laughing and when I'm not laughing - I'm thinking of something stupid, I'm sure.
-I am 4'11".. and three quarters tall.
-98 pounds.
-Because I am a twin we tend to be smaller when we are born and I was only 4 pounds and 4 ounces at birth!
 -My mom is from England and has sea green eyes. She is the prettiest person on earth and I swear my daughter looks just like her.. except Mikky ((my daughter)) has light brown eyes.
-Speaking of light brown eyes - nobody in my family or my husband's family has brown eyes. My side of the family has a shade of green eyes ((my dad has hunter green eyes, my brother has dark green eyes, my twin sister has bright green eyes, my little sister has bluish green eyes, my mom has sea green eyes, and I have light green/gray eyes.. my husband has hazel/green eyes, my mother-in-law has bright green eyes, my brother-in-law has very blue eyes and my father-in-law has bright blue eyes)). I think it's so beautiful.. just shows she's unique and my one of a kind baby girl. She was born with blue eyes which progressed to green and are now brown. My little chameleon hehe. Did you know <1% of the world has green eyes??

I guess that is about it from me! If you have any questions or suggestions please don't hesitate to comment!

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