It may seem cheesy..

but I've been inspired by a loving family who lost their daughter. She was born at 27 weeks gestation due to pre-eclampsia and IUGR ((intrauterine growth restriction - meaning the baby's growth was restricted someway.. maybe the placenta wasn't giving enough nutrients to the baby, or there wasn't enough amniotic fluid, or any number of things.. the family still isn't sure and will never get to find out you can read their story here Kayleigh's Story)). Anyway their story inspired me to chronicle things in my life. Not for me - although I enjoy writing, I wouldn't say I'm the type who "has a way with words". I've always been a bookworm but just because I love to read does not mean I am a fantastic writer. In fact - I have so many things I want to say at once that I write "all over the place", but we'll just call it "freewriting". But that's beside the point - this blog isn't for me. It's for my daughter. She knows me better than anyone else will ever know me but it's more than that - I want her to be able to see things through my eyes when she's older. Those wonderful days and the bumps in the road that slowly slip from our memory will be archived on here and she'll look back and say "oh my gosh.. I remember that day - I completely forgot about it!". I won't promise to write everyday - in fact, there maybe be times when this page is quiet for weeks.. but I promise to write at least once a month. I will be honest and I will write from my heart.

In a few short words:

This is my story. :]

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