Valentine's Day

It's a shame they don't make cards the way they used to.. vintage Valentine's Day cards were so cute way back when! Any plans for Valentine's Day for anyone else? It's Mikky's ((my daughter)) third Valentine's Day.. She was only four months old for her first one and last year I let her choose her Valentine's gifts.. She chose two cute boxes of chocolate and I picked her up a cute Hello Kitty doll and a card, of course.

I wanted to post two photos from Mikky's previous Valentine's Days - they are so sweet.. the one with the box of chocolates is from 2011 and the one in her "bouncy" seat is from 2010. She has changed so much in the past 2.5 years.. she will always be my little Ladybird though. Colin bought me a tub of strawberry ice cream ((I think he's trying to jeopardize my diet/exercise plan! Just kidding hehe))!

How is everyone else's Valentine's Day going? ((or "Single Awareness Day" as some like to call it!))

Is there anything special you would like to see me post on my blog? Feedback is encouraged and I will gladly take positive feedback.. Negative feedback is welcome too, as long as I am not criticized.

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